Blue Star Marine is the only company that exclusively specializes in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions for the yacht and maritime industries in South Florida. We offer a complete range of indoor air environment services to suit any type of project on board any luxury yacht, mega yacht, luxury charter boat, sport fishing boat, passenger ship and other types of marine vessels.

Backed by almost 10 years of experience in indoor environmental services, Blue Star Marine has gained the experience, education and techniques as well as the newest technology to successfully address any toxic mold remediation, bacterial growth, allergens eradication, air pollution prevention, stinky odor control and all types of indoor environment problems that could be discovered in a yacht, boat or ship due to high exposure to humidity, moisture and wide temperature differentials.

At Blue Star Marine our mission has always been to provide superior indoor air quality services that will help our clients to experience a cleaner and healthier indoor air environment, as well as a more energy-efficient HVAC system in all types of marine vessels. We are strategically located in Fort Lauderdale-Florida the heart of the yachting industry, servicing clients from all over the world within the tri-county area from Miami to West Palm Beach.

Indoor Air Quality
24hr-Lab Testing

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Odors & Fumes

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Analysis & Remediation

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Surface Disinfection

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HVAC System
Micro-Cleaning & Bio-Sanitation

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Indoor Air
Plasma Sterilization

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